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September 15, 2009


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John D

Why complicate everything? Just raise the sales tax $.01.


Thanks for another great post. It will be fun to see how the Republicans deal with this.


Thanks for another great post. It will be fun to see how the Republicans deal with this.

T. Berry

Here's guessing how the state GOP handles this: blame the fed, blame the opposition, blame socialism, blame taxes, blame communism, blame China, blame India, and.....#1: Blame Obama.

Will they accept accountability? Or blame the previous executive administration for allowing banks to bypass federal bank regulations, thus contributing greatly to the housing collapse that killed Florida? Cutthroat capitalism? The years of spending surge and simultaneous tax breaks?

We'll see which path they take. My best educated guess from the two past decades of Florida GOP rule is the former rather than the ladder. Good luck and God bless! We need it!

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