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July 07, 2010


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Sissy Long

How TYPICAL of a CONTROL FREAK to want to waste JUDICIAL TIME and GOVERNMENT TAX DOLLARS to promote his agenda - He DOES NOT seem to care about how much it costs US - the long time resident taxpayers of Florida. It truly saddens me to think about the HUGE amount of money Mr. Scott, as well as all of the political candidates spends to either promote their ego or promote their personal agenda. Those dollars could go to assist so many people and agencies in Florida. I hope the voters in Florida will help Mr. Scott realize that he needs to stick to building and promoting his "Mc Doctor's Offices" or buying and selling "his hospitals" - probably at least partially funded by OUR TAX DOLLARS...Even if he wins the election, whatever his COST, how could he even possibly think that he could CONTROL the Legislature?

Ana Gomez-Mallada

Public Campaign financing should be anathema to those of us who believe in small government, low taxes and individual freedom and responsibility. It is nothing short of electoral welfare.

I would think public campaign financing also places limits on the freedom of speech of each taxpayer whose money goes towards funding cappaigns not of his/her choosing.

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