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April 15, 2009


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Thank you for the very interesting information.

Bad stuff like this is what happens when people do not pay attention to what their politicians are doing. Politicians' self-interest continues to reign supreme over the quaint concept of public service and the promises they make to get elected and re-elected.

It's bad news to know that the Florida Dixiecrat Party is still hard at work increasing its powers to the detriment of the people of Florida.

The Dixicrats want to increase anonymous funding so nasty, underhanded, lying, dirty politics can not only continue but increase unabated and not have it tied directly to its candidates; they want to restrict the rights of people to vote; they want to restrict the rights of the media; they want to centralize power in Secretary of State over and above local canvassing boards and take away the Governor's present appointment powers.

Guess that's what Charlie gets by paling around with Obama too much.

These policiticans represent special interests, not people.

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