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June 26, 2009


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Mickey Britt

Desperately need a lawyer for either contingency or pro bono work to fight the Leon County commissioners and Publi Works for the what appears to be illegal approval to pave Rainbow Acres, and a fee even if it was legal that is excessive and some owners may lose their homes and land. A petition is a request to look at getting a service done and not authorization. A petition doesn't have a life of inperpuity. Home owners should have a vote on going forward with a project with a amount as a petiton doesn't allow Public Works and the county commissioners a carte blanche spending. These people are poor and can not afford representation.

Can you believe a piece of property sells for $18,000 and the assesment for paving the road and drainage ditches which was not needed and a holding pond the assesment is $11,476.00 for a individual lot owner but if you owned multiple lots way back then no matter how many lots you owned you only paid $11,476.00. Hell Leon county itself exercised the right to only pay $11,476.00 when they owned multiple lots. This alone I believe is in violation of the law of fairness and all owners getting equal benefits.

Mickey Britt

Palm Beach Newspaper

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