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December 30, 2009


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Do we really think that we are the only ones who realize that Charlie Crist is a total joke?

When Sara Palin was chosen over Charlie Crist by John McCain that says it all.

We had better wise up and not let the millions that Charlie has collected
in and out of state allow him to buy a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Remember, ABC. Anyone But Charlie.

rush is right about run of the mill

When Florida needed leadership and substance, the governor gave us gimmicks and fluff. A case in point are the governor's advocacy for Amendment 1 (that benefited homeowners already protected by homestead exemptions), saying that education would be held harmless and that taxes would drop like a rock. Just weeks after the vote, the governor had to announce that education revenue projections would be drastically downgraded. Taxes did not drop like a rock and essential services were damaged at a time of serious need.

Crist had all of the goodwill in the world and dashed it on the rock of false claims. Credibility is damn near impossible regain when it is lost. Ask George W. Bush.

Are you kidding me Charlie

The problem with Charlie is the same thing that got Bill Clinton in trouble. He has no foundational comment to any particular truth. He supports whatever will further his personal interests...period. Trips abroad to curry VP consideration, embrace the Presidents spend us out of debt plan and then deny it, some even say the marriage was for political gain. How can we trust a guy like that?

Gerald Crosby

His first mistake was when he condoned the corruption of city officials in Gulf Breeze, FL who set a human trap for me to get hurt. A little about me: I am the President of TourFloridasCoast.com and I used a swing in a city park in Gulf Breeze FL that broke due to lack of maint. and my life has been ruined so now I will use my tourism / marketing expertise to show the world that Florida Government is corrupt, "You hurt the wrong guy Charlie, you should of helped me instead of letting me become homeless and lose everything, that was not very nice. Oh yea, I am dragging Clay Ford along with you through the digital mudhole you F__k. 2010 is going to uncover even more corruption led by you Rudolph, you stupid idiot.

Cameron Berry

Governor Crist is a phony!
Carl Sandberg famed author and poet said, “A liar needs a good memory”!
Charlie seemed to forget?? That President Oboma was in Florida for the dedication of the solar plant at Arcadia? You might expect that from a man who took the FL Bar 4 (four) times before he passed it!
He started the FL Commission on PUBLIC RECORDS to help his image with the press and did not support one piece of legislation.
Charlie only cares about Charlie and it shows!

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