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February 25, 2010


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Wow, what a slimeball Crist is. Isn't it completely transparent that he's behind singling out Rubio? I thought Rubio made a valid point that his expenses over two years are less than what Charlie's boys at RPOF rang up in a month. Pretty shocking. Considering the now disgraced RPOF leaders were all anointed by Charlie, is this really the controversy he wants to create? Isn't he responsible for messes that are 1000 times larger than this within the RPOF?

Ser Bak

Rubio is a just another fake conservative.. he can thrown out all the red meat on command but this peek behind the curtains shows what Rubio is really made of.

Makes me sick. Get out of the Republican party, you wolf.


Aug. 25 Charlie will be on the sidelines. Go team!

Fred Flinstone

Rubio is a embarrassment to the party and should drop out of the race now.

Crist will win this race, just wait and see.

Arnold Friend

Rubio got popped and it looks awful. Crist has every right to rub his face in it. Now we'll see if Rubio is a big boy--or as he appears to the casual observer--a fuzzy cheeked kid just barely out of short pants.

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Rubio got popped and it looks awful. Crist has every right to rub his face in it.

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