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February 10, 2010


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You're asking the same question that Jeb Bush repeatedly asked. These trust funds were all set up with the best of intentions, but the state's needs change with the times. They should have the flexibility to use their revenues to match present needs, not the desires of politicians from decades past.

Mark Hendrickson

Your question, "Is it right to raise taxes or fees on other Floridians when there is money sitting in state bank accounts that isn't being spent?" is based upon an incorrect assumption. Monies in the trust funds are not sitting around unspent. The monies in the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Funds were always spent when appropriated. The raids on the trust funds take the monies that will come into the TF's from taxes collected during the NEXT fiscal year. The real question is why is it acceptable to raise a tax for a specific use and then spend that money on something else?

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