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April 25, 2011


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Arron Byrd

I would say the Tom Feeney NASA produced chips that can change the scanner data at the holders bidding is a voter fraud problem! I believe that fact coupled with that little executive order pronounced by Jeb Bush; "tho shalt be no recounting of the paper ballots," you must accept the computer numbers provided by the scanners or touchscreens is a voter fraun problem!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that little nasty incomvenient antique requirment that Jebbie and buddies also done away with! You know the one required witnesses to those absentee ballots!

Early voting gives everyone time to correct their little mistakes! In the August 2008 primary the voters of Lake County, Fl. requested 17,000 absentee ballots! A staggering 9,000 of them were never returned! Explain that! Somebody didn't like the votes they contained!

No need in bothering grandma with those little whose who at election time! I know we have massive voter fraud in Florida! We also have massive political corruption in ever corner! It's obvious no one will ever address the issue! Why? Because they can't find and honest government official to report it too, that's why!


Hey, you guys must think Florida exists in its only little space? There are many other states however which have experienced the problem. That's O's ACORN actually. His friends at DOJ refused to prosecute the BlackPathers (tm) and only slapped ACORN. But, Florida again thinking we must of forgotten how you voters thought the whole rest of the country would allow one little ole county down there decide a national election. Yes, we remember the large outcry over the issue, but we understood the Constitution even better and knew where it would end up. In the meantime, the rats slunk back up to Chicago without much scrutiny. The rats who knew from sitting at the Mayor's knee just how to turn an election. We don't expect you all to understand the point of view of the rest of the country either.


Of course, we all forget the David Abrami and Gonzalez contribution to US COngressman Feeney. All the state and federal fundraising they did. Also, the State of Florida GOP after the recount and Jeb had Feeney's group of friends propogate voter redistricting and voter machines in Ga too.
Alas, as the FEDS were going to interview them there was a gang related shooting and Feeney's witnesses against him (for his federal fraud and Scottland trip with jailed lobbyist) ALL DIED..
Apparently, even though David Abrami was engaged to be married, the twist from a GOP blog said they were all gay, and it was a gay murder suicide...
Feeney had the chip computer company, and the death of a Dept of Transportation employee inspector that was outing fraud and payments to Feeney though his chinese computer company he worked for, that kicked money back to him.
I think this fraud voting thing isnt over, because Browning will perpatuate Jeb's house of cards.

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