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August 28, 2013


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Not sure

"The thinking is likely that independent voters don't have to like Scott, but they can vote for him because they think he's competent and that he's doing what he promised to do to turn the state around."

Not sure how you bridge this in a 30 second television spot, but my guess is Scott's team has already developed a half dozen spots that do a darn good job... We are almost there, 4 more years.


You are forgetting the likability factor. Scott is very unlikable in the eyes of many voters. His sleazy private sector background and "typical Politician" mien work against him. He is no shoo-in.

Nancy Argenziano

Scott was the CEO of a corrupt company that stole from Medicare. He has no idea how to run a state government that belongs to the PEOPLE. He is selling Florida and Floridians out to the corporate hustlers that pretty much have taken our government and have their lackeys in place to get the rest. If voters, especially the R voters, cant stop being partisan, and they refuse to critically question everything rather then follow, we are all screwed. Scott's got to go

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