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July 22, 2014


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Jimmy Marbles

People look at Rick Scott and wonder what's wrong with him. Most political pros think, "Gee, all they need is some savvy people around him - he has no where to go but up." It's an easy fix.

What no one realizes until it's too late - as every new staffer learns the hard way - is that Rick Scott truly is a train wreck when it comes to empathy, the ability to communicate, and political instincts.

Cut him loose, and there are gaffes galore. Script him, he looks like an unfeeling, unemotional robot. There is apparently no happy medium with this fellow.

The good news is, the current team around him has tens of millions of dollars to spend on TV, money that goes a long way to mask these problems. This is exactly what the 2010 campaign team did and it worked. I'm confident it will work again in 2014.

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