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August 09, 2015


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Joe Kreps

This whole situation is bullshit. Why are the perpetrators of this unconstitutional act not being censured? Why are they being allowed a do over. Why is it so secretive? Shouldn't an independent commission be allowed to draw the maps. Who drew the base map and what was it based on? We the people deserve better.

Mary Jo Pezzi

#Florida #Republicans have done a lot to define Florida as "the most corrupt state in the country." The Supreme Court just upheld Arizona's independent redistricting commission ---- exactly what Florida needs!

Christopher M. Kennard

Both political party's, Democrat and Republican, have violated the best interests of the citizens of Florida and the USA as a whole.

Speaking as a former Democrat who was very active in political campaigns on the local, state and federal level, I say to anyone angry with just the corrupt Republicans to please do not perform an unintentional disservice to Florida citizens by inferring that the "Dixie Democrats" who had led Florida for decades up until the 1990's were less dishonest than the Republican Party.

It is why we do need an independent panel of citizens to redraft our district election boundary lines every ten year census period rather than let the politicians stick their dirty fingers into the sugar bowl of corrupt elections.

Although we do have some few people in public office who are honest and care about the task they chose to represent their fellow citizens to the best of their ability, they are, regrettably far too few, aren't there?

I am voting for Bernie Sanders for President in 2016, primarily because he is honest, has a long voting record that reflects who he is and the kind of public servant he has been over the last several decades. And Bernie Sanders is not a either a Democrat or Republican Party member. Like me, he is an Independent who believes what is best for all of us is the best for himself as well. He is honest and has a good morale understanding of this world.

Please support independent citizen based district boundary line panels and Independent candidates who are honest, intelligent and conscientiously perform their sworn duties as elected representative of the people.

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