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February 21, 2017


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Tuesday night, Corcoran made a point to tell those gathered that there were times when someone needed to stand up and do something even if it meant going against the crowd and possibly ending their political those moments in the political arena where you know in your heart what the right thing to do is, but you also know that you are i....


We read this and squinted back tears.

We HOPE sincerely that you will stand tall for sex-equal treatment for all, and consider our 8 months of trying to get an answer from you on whether, after our 17 nonstop years of trying, HCR 109 might this year get a Hearing, UP or Down.

If perhaps you did not receive our message explaining this Resolution, what it means for the especially the Majority of your constituents and the nation's and all others, and for its predicted happy effect of a 15% jump in GDP--at no cost, we can send it again if you care to peruse it.

Waiting this long for a Florida House simple Hearing, is the Resolution that offers the opportunity for public and legislators to discuss the merits of the Equal Rights Amendment. Perhaps this fine legislation has been overlooked for 17 Years. Some attorneys believe this may be a more serious First Amendment oversight.

Nonetheless, we are just waiting for a call from your office or you that will tell us whether you are scheduling a Hearing on this or not, as the long wait on past Speakers' couches for an answer after a 6hour drive to Tallahassee and a night spent sleeping on the floor, as usual, is somewhat wearing for this 82 year old. 17 years of this, plus the return drive of 6 hours and several days waiting there for an answer, is tough for me and others.

We ask again, here, if we might hear from you in any way you choose: We 300 000 plead with you now, please, to honor our 12-18/7 unpaid hard work to hold a simple Hearing to approve or not making sex discrimination--male and female alike--a Violation of the US Constitution.

That is the only effect this Amendment has. Stale medievalist false tales by dead special interests have long ago been dispelled. In 2016, 94% of voters did answer YES, they do want this Amendment codified in our Constitution--male and female; Republicans and Democrats alike ! all religions; all ethnicities; all regions of America.

If political party did not separate them there on the survey, what is it about Florida's Republicans that they continue to refuse even to hold Florida House Hearings? Or maybe it's us and our undaunted supporters that are found unseemly enough to be denied equal treatment under the Constitution?
We've been told authoritatively "no Florida bill has ever had this many co-sponsors yet in 17 years has never been allowed to be heard".

No one has ever been willing to tell us why we females are so hated in Florida. This Amendment benefits men, too, and we work hard for their equal treatment too, just that we women take the brunt. Why is this Amendment denied even chances before the Florida legislature.

98% of the 38 states required have already said Yes to it, ratifying this Amendment so Congress gets to decide if, indeed, women and girls are deserving of a place in your contract for sex-equal treatment or not. 35 other states have already ratified it; only 3 are "still holding America hostage", as one tourist put it.

Please, won't you let sun shine in so we all can know? Please let us know whether HCR 109 will or will not be scheduled for hearings, Mr. Speaker?
Seventeen years was a long time out of all of us males' and females' lives to to work and wait and wait and await for the courtesy of answers or hearings. We refuse to Die without one or the other. I used to be young; I am now 82 years old.

We remain shaken by the reasoning behind leaving us with a tainted quality of life as 2nd Class citizens. Your 3 daughters and your wife left to face this, too, all their remaining years? Other nations already have codified similar language. You may be surprised that well-done studies reveal that rates of divorce and abortion fall when equal treatment of the sexes is the standard, directly overturning special interests' antiquated, fantastical claims. Not true now. Never were. No evidence. Ever.
Even making claims right in our own state capitol that "teens would turn into prostitutes". That's when then-Sen. Pres. Gaetz stood statesman-like to ask them whether they'd ever seen evidence of that in states with sex-equal statutes. They sat down in silence. (State statutes are enforceable only in those states. Florida's was held in abeyance by Brevard courts in 2001 and 2004, so Floridians don't even have state assurance of equal treatment. Florida's Staff analyses have never emitted any objection whatsoever to this Amendment's words or intent.)

We remain nonplussed by Florida lawmakers willing to leave on the table a very nice 15% jump in GDP, raised revenues and costs cut of Medicaid, food stamps, Public Assistance. All of which has statistical significance by economist researchers; Mme. LaGarde in her IMF video; the EU, the UN, and the OECD.
This is not a trifling matter.

With all due Respect, please honor us with Hearings on HCR 109 --UP or Down, soon in March. Please?
As president of one of the nation's three very large national organizations in strong support of this Amendment, waiting 17 years, may I please receive a Reply from yourself soon? Staff probably has my telephone number, and our email was posted here in sign-in, after all these years.
Thank you.

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